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What 6 Things to Discover at 7 Springs in Rhodes

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Seven Springs is a popular natural attraction located on the Greek island of Rhodes. It is known locally as "Epta Piges," which means "Seven Springs" in Greek. This location is a lush, green oasis situated in the midst of the island's dry landscape.

Seven Springs

Here are some key features and information about Seven Springs on Rhodes:


1. The Waterfall

Seven Springs

The name "Seven Springs" comes from the seven natural springs that provide fresh water throughout the year. These springs converge to form a small river that flows through a narrow tunnel of lush vegetation. The river is a central element of the area's natural beauty and provides a refreshing and peaceful environment for visitors to enjoy.

You can often see ducks swimming in the river, and the sound of flowing water adds to the tranquil atmosphere. The combination of the small waterfall, the dense vegetation, and the walking paths around the area makes Seven Springs a popular spot for nature walks and a pleasant escape from the island's arid landscape, especially during the hot summer months.


Is Seven Springs free?

Yes, it is typically free to visit Seven Springs in Rhodes, Greece. Access to this natural wonder is free of charge. Visitors are not required to pay to explore the charming trail, take in the beautiful vegetation, or experience the magical tunnel. It's a wonderful chance to experience nature firsthand and appreciate Seven Springs' natural beauty without spending any money.


Can you swim in 7 springs Rhodes?

In Rhodes, the Seven Springs are swimmable. A little lake is formed when the natural springs pour into it, providing a tranquil and revitalizing body of water. Particularly in the hot summer months, many visitors opt to swim in the beautiful waters. Swimming in the lake at Seven Springs is a wonderful opportunity to cool off and completely take in the area's natural splendor. Just be aware of the water's potential chillyness and make sure you swim with consideration for the surrounding wildlife.


2. The Vegetation

Seven Springs Vegatation

The area surrounding the springs is rich in vegetation, including plane trees, pine trees, and various other plants. The lush greenery creates a pleasant contrast to the arid landscape of much of the island.

In addition to plane and pine trees, you'll find various other trees and shrubs, such as cypress trees and oleander bushes, contributing to the diverse vegetation of Seven Springs.

The area surrounding the springs is lush with ferns and undergrowth. The combination of shade, moisture from the springs, and the Mediterranean climate creates ideal conditions for these plants to thrive.

Near the springs and along the banks of the small river, you may find aquatic plants, such as reeds and water lilies. These add to the beauty of the water features in the area.


3. Walking Trails 

Seven Springs Walking Trails

There are walking paths and wooden bridges that allow visitors to explore the area. It's a popular spot for hiking and nature walks, offering a cool and refreshing environment, especially during the hot summer months.

There is a well-marked and easy-to-follow main path that takes you from the entrance area to the springs themselves. This path passes through the shaded forest, offering glimpses of the small river and the springs along the way.

One of the unique features of 7 Springs is the underground tunnel that allows you to walk through the springs themselves. It's a cool and refreshing experience, especially on hot days.

There are several smaller trails and paths branching off from the main path, which allow you to explore different parts of the area. These trails take you deeper into the forest and offer a more immersive experience in nature.

You'll also find wooden bridges and walkways that crisscross over the river and connect various parts of the springs. These bridges add to the charm of the area and offer great photo opportunities.

Some visitors choose to do loop walks, combining different paths to create a longer and more varied hiking experience.


How long is the walk at Seven Springs Rhodes?

A fascinating tour that gives you the chance to interact with nature at its best is the stroll at Seven Springs. As you begin this journey, you'll find a clearly designated route that is surrounded by tall trees that have been pruned to create a canopy that offers shade and peace.

The walk is a leisurely stroll appropriate for guests of all ages and fitness levels because its duration is roughly 1.5 kilometers. This walk has plenty to offer everyone, whether you're an experienced hiker or just searching for a quiet getaway from the busy city life.


4. Wildlife

Seven Springs wildlife

Seven Springs is home to a variety of wildlife, including birds and turtles. You may spot ducks swimming in the springs or enjoy the tranquil sounds of nature.

The springs and the surrounding forested area attract a variety of bird species. You may spot ducks swimming in the springs, as well as other waterfowl. Additionally, various songbirds, such as nightingales, blackbirds, and warblers, inhabit the trees and provide a pleasant soundtrack to your visit.

There are freshwater turtles in the area, particularly in and around the small river formed by the springs. These turtles are often seen sunning themselves on rocks or logs near the water.

As with any natural environment, you'll encounter a diverse range of insects and butterflies. Keep an eye out for colorful butterflies fluttering among the flowers and plants.

Some fish species may also be present in the waters of the springs and the small river. While larger mammals are less common in the area due to its relatively small size, you might come across small mammals like hedgehogs, shrews, or bats in the evening.


5. The Mysterious Tunnel

Seven Springs tunnel

One of the unique features of Seven Springs is the underground tunnel that was constructed during the Italian occupation of Rhodes. The tunnel allows you to walk through the springs and experience the refreshing water from below.

The tunnel was constructed during the Italian occupation of Rhodes, which lasted from 1912 to 1943. The main purpose of the tunnel was to control and manage the flow of water from the springs, which was used for irrigation in the surrounding areas.

Visitors can walk through the tunnel, and it's a refreshing and unique experience. The tunnel is relatively short and not very wide, and it is quite cool inside, which can be a welcome respite from the heat on hot summer days.

The tunnel provides shade and a break from the sun, making it a popular spot for tourists to explore. The sounds of flowing water and echoes within the tunnel add to the ambiance.

Inside the tunnel, you can see the clear spring water flowing along the channel. Some visitors choose to drink or splash themselves with this cool, fresh water.

While the tunnel is generally safe to walk through, it may be slippery in some areas due to the presence of water, so it's advisable to wear appropriate footwear. Additionally, the tunnel may not be suitable for those who are claustrophobic.


How long is the tunnel in Seven Springs Rhodes?

The Seven Springs tunnel in Rhodes is around 186 meters long. Visitors can experience strolling through a natural rock tunnel while water runs beneath their feet in this special and lovely section of the path. One of the Seven Springs adventure's high points is this tunnel, which gives the whole thing an air of mystery.


6. Refreshments 

Seven Springs refreshments

There is a small cafe and snack bar near the springs, where you can enjoy refreshments and relax in the shaded area.

There are usually cafes or snack bars located near the entrance or in the vicinity of Seven Springs. These establishments offer a variety of refreshments, including coffee, tea, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages. You can also find snacks such as sandwiches, pastries, ice cream, and more.

Some cafes or eateries in the area may offer traditional Greek dishes and local specialties. This is an opportunity to savor authentic Greek flavors while taking in the natural beauty of Seven Springs.

Many of these refreshment spots provide shaded seating areas where you can relax and enjoy your drinks and food in a comfortable and cool environment.

In addition to the cafes, there are often designated picnic areas with tables and benches where you can enjoy a packed lunch or snacks you bring with you.

Some of the establishments may also have souvenir shops where you can purchase local products and memorabilia.



Visiting Seven Springs is a great way to escape the summer heat and enjoy the natural beauty of Rhodes. It's a peaceful and picturesque destination for both nature enthusiasts and tourists exploring the island. If you plan to visit, consider bringing appropriate footwear for walking and exploring the area.