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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information and Our Cancellation Policy

Due to the spread of the novel Coronavirus Covid-19, traveling and tourism worldwide, adapted safety measures and regulations to offer safe experiences to clients and personnel.

We are very concerned about our guests’ and personnel’s wellbeing we have committed ourselves engage in all necessary safety measures set by the Government and the National Health Organization.

We have remained up to date following the guidelines set by The World Health Organization and the National Public Health Organization and have done so already in the season 2020 with great success. We are prepared and more than ready to receive you and your loved ones on our destinations, offering safe and valuable experiences. 

Protocols based on experience explained below:


  • We recommend that you should be at the pick-up point, 15 minutes before your pick up time and our staff will welcome you and show your seat, to keep social distancing guidelines.

  • We check daily the temperature and wellness of all those participating in the service (guide, driver, staff) excluding, and maintaining in quarantine anyone who displays fever or symptoms.

  • Buses are filled to only 65% of their capacity and the number of buses used is increased. (protocols may change according to governments directives)

  • Bus Tours will not consist of more than 35 people per group.

  • Boarding takes place in small groups, starting first with seats in front or at the end of the bus. 

  • No paper vouchers or tickets will be collected from our staff.  Showing your voucher on your phone or tablet will be enough, and it is not necessary to print anything.

  • Handing out of printed material such as maps or brochures will be avoided.

  • Please follow all the instructions given to you by your guide.

  • Sanitizing dispensers are available at each door.

  • On all buses, specific rows of seats will be kept vacant - either in the front or at the back of the bus - in case we should need to isolate a passenger with potential symptoms.

  • Guides and escorts of the tours have been equipped with personal masks and will be talking on the microphone of the bus

  • Embarkation takes place using only the back door of the bus, by small groups of passengers, starting with the furthest seats to the door.

  • Disembarkation takes place using only the back door of the bus, by small groups of passengers, starting with the nearest seats to the door.

  • The driver, guide and escort of the tour will wear a mask throughout the tour’s duration. Face masks are also required for travellers inside the museums.

  • Whisper audio devices will be given to all our travelers to keep social distance guidelines inside archaeological sites and museums without missing any word of the fascinating narration of our guide.

  • Mini Whispers are sanitized thoroughly both from our staff but also inside the charging cases with UVC lights sanitizer.

  • Museum tickets will be given to you from our guide to avoid queues and skip the lines 

  • In full day tours where lunch will be provided, the restaurants we cooperate with follow all the hygiene protocols set by the government and the NHO.

  • Our buses undergo thorough cleaning after each tour with special steam cleaners as well as fabric disinfectant. 

  • Both bus drivers as well as our garage team have been familiarized with the latest certified EU standards for disinfecting and cleaning procedures as well as all safety measures. 

  • Additionally every month our buses undergo full disinfection procedure by professional teams so that we are more than sure that we operate with the maximum safety protocols at hand. 

  • Bus disinfection info and certificates are available for review on our buses. 

  • The average cleaning time is doubled both during the day and after the end of the tour at night. 

  • All sensitive touch areas such as seats, armrests, sidewalls, overhead bins, etc. are intensively cleaned and sanitized.

  • All buses coming back from the tours are disinfected immediately, and regular disinfection is performed on all our coaches.

  • The air inside the bus, on average, completely renewed every 3 minutes during cruise time. This rate is much higher than that usually experienced in other indoor environments. 

  • The air conditioning units in the buses are using air flow from outside and not recycled air from the cabin

  • All filters of air conditions have been thoroughly disinfected, cleaned and regularly maintained.

Our People

Our staff has been trained according to the latest hygiene protocols and cleaning procedures. The use of personal protective equipment (face masks/shields and optional gloves) is mandatory to ensure a safe travel experience.

Cancellation Policy

Our Cancellation Policy becomes more flexible to ensure the cover of your needs. Please feel free to contact us directly or visit our website to inform you about the Latest Policies for all current Conditions applying.