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Tourism and a Pandemic

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I was watching a movie recently where the protagonist went into a hotel lobby, walked over to the reception, touched with his open palms, the counter, while leaning over getting his face just inches from the face of the receptionist to ask something. Instinctively I was expecting from the hotel employee to react and ask from the actor to go back maintain distance and immediately disinfect the counter, and so was surprised to see that this didn’t happen. It affected me in a way that I had to pause the movie as my mind was still thinking about it while the plot was continuing. I understood there that the Pandemic and the measures against it have been loaded into my brain as we are now more than one year since the appearance of Covid-19.  I wondered if people in the 1910-20’s with the Spanish flu had to pass the same situation, which I am sure they did, only there were not so many means of communication and ways of archiving it the way we have today. Afterall today everyone is a reporter and a photographer. 

Still, Tourism is stronger than any pandemic. To be honest Tourism is a pandemic, an ongoing one that has started since our species migrated from the plains of Africa to find new areas to settle and after that to exchange goods between communities. Later to spread religious, philosophical ideas but also scientific discoveries and technologies between people. When the means of transport became safer and faster, Tourism spread all around the known planet fast and then again when new worlds were discovered, another leap in tourism activity took place. 

Today, tourism is one of the fastest growing industries and one with the faster recovery from any disaster, pandemic, war etc. People just want to travel and explore, they have connected tourism and visiting foreign countries with the memories of discovering new landscapes and relaxing while enjoying what the country has to offer in its fullest extent. We tend to think about food having a similar effect with hidden memories, but the strongest ones are about tastes discovered in faraway lands and so connected once more with tourism. Similarly, milestones and memorable events during our lifetime are always predominant on our memories but many of those have happened while travelling or visiting another country and thus still related to tourism. 

We start to see now the come-back of the average traveler back to planes, buses, taxis and hotels and at the same time the big embrace of the destinations and the locals to this comeback. 

Because together we can be sure that we will recover and once more enjoy the beauties of travelling, exploring and discovering….

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